Pay Off Credit Card Debt Using Government Debt Relief Funds

When the economic crunch began to be felt two years ago, many Americans also began to dread that monthly ritual of opening the envelope with the credit card bill. The credit card bills begin to pile up one after another, waiting to be taken to the nearest bank for repayment.

As the situation of the economy gets worse, the pile becomes higher and higher. The credit card bills stay there at the recesses of our homes, untouched, because we do not have the means to pay them. Dept repayment has become the last thing on our list of priorities since prices of everything basic began to shoot up.

The federal government of the United States has proposed several schemes for Americans to weather the crisis. One positive development is the approval of congress for the release of ‘debt relief’ funds worth billions of dollars to pay-off credit card bills of individuals. This scheme is one of the strategies to keep Americans from declaring bankruptcy and giving them enough time to recover from their financial instability.

The debt relief grant has been called by many people as a credit card relief scheme. This is partly true as debts of individuals are usually in the form of cash advances made using the credit cards. The debt relief grant can only be made accessible by the government if the applicant is eligible to receive it. One of the most important qualifications is the applicant’s income status and his/her capacity to pay his/her debts. The grant is totally free and is given away to all citizens who take patience in applying for it. This scheme can hopefully jumpstart the recovery of the United States, with its citizens beginning to buy products and services again. The overall idea is when the debt is paid; citizens will have learned their lesson about obtaining credit and will begin to use cash for their every day spending needs.